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Improve Healthcare experience through Technology

Technology is just a tool

Human-centered design is the key

The Impulse

Eager to have a concrete impact and to improve user experience for all in healthcare, I did a Master in Educational Technology at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI) in Paris. My main objective was to explore how to improve chronic diseases management with Digital Technology.

Learning through doing

I learned a lot through doing, leading various projects from creating the concept and organising a game jam about Patient Education to an open source health smartwatch main project. This last one allowed users to create personalised applications, to share it through a decentralised platform and communities while data privacy was guaranteed by design. It brought me skills in project management, game design, entrepreneurship, communication, 3D design, programming, product design and many unquantifiable others.

Above all it showed me how User Experience (UX) and Human-Centered Design are crucial to respond as best as possible to both clinicians and patients needs. Foremost it taught me to always keep people at the center, not falling in the trap of using bright technologies without fulfilling their priority needs.

Developping an Healthcare Design expertise

This is why I have decided to pursue a post-graduate degree (MRes) in Healthcare and Design (2020-2022) at the prestigious Royal College of Art, awarded best Design School in the world for the fifth consecutive year in 2020.

I am confident it will enrich my skills in UX Research and design-led skills to rapidly research, synthesise and prototype a solution to any healthcare challenge.

You have a digital health project and you think I can help?